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Productivity and Self Worth

I am here to tell you a simple truth, your self worth has nothing to do with your productivity. I will say it louder for the people in the back. Your productivity has nothing to do with your self worth.

In today’s society we put a lot of focus on what we are doing, creating, producing, and making. We see jobs, houses, and cars as status symbols and tie our ideas of self worth into how busy we are and how that busy-ness equates into fiscal wealth. You can’t buy happiness and no matter how productive you are it is not going to fill any hole you have inside you. The most it will do is keep you too busy to notice the hole, which will likely also keep you too busy to find the happiness you deserve.

If I can’t buy self worth with productivity and wealth than what can I do to increase my sense of self worth?

Now you are asking the right questions. Your self worth is inherent. You are worthy because you are human, because you are unique and you are perfect how you are flaws and all. To begin to increase our self worth we must begin to pay attention to the qualities that make us who we are and give ourselves credit for all the things about ourselves there are to love. We need to change our value systems to valuing who we are, not what we do.

Contact me today to book your first session and begin to increase your sense of self worth.

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