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The Story of You

Every day we tell ourselves a story. The story of our lives from our prospective. This story includes small things such as what we need to do today and also big things such as how we view ourselves and the world around us. We may view ourselves as a victim, a survivor or a warrior. We may view ourselves as anxious, depressed, sad, stressed, happy, elated, joyful or excited. We label days, weeks, months, and years as good or bad. We are unaware that all of this is nothing more than a story. It is our thoughts about our lives and our beliefs that are driving are present. I am here to help you tell a new story. The one where you are happy, where you are living in the now and where you are reaching your dreams and crushing your goals. I use a mixture of EMDR, mindfulness based therapy, strengths based therapy and CBT to help you restructure your thoughts, emotions and beliefs so that you can live more fully. I want your story to be the most beautiful one you can imagine. Contact me today to get started.

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